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Five New Ideas to get Financial Certainty in Retirement

When it comes to planning their retirement, most people worry about not knowing how much they will need and it makes them really nervous and anxious when they think (usually at around 3am) about questions like;

· With the rising cost of living will we still be able to afford the lifestyle we want?

· Are we taking on too much risk or, not enough?

· Will I ever be able to afford to retire or will we run out of money too soon?

· Can we still afford to take that trip we have been putting off because of COVID?

Not only is this uncertainty mentally exhausting, but it mean feeling like you have no option but to continue working. As a result, many will put off enjoying themselves and run the risk of not being able to physically do the things they promised they would, or if they do spend, there may be a lot of guilt and fear associated with the consequences.

Instead, you could take take action. Get clear about how much you are going to need to live on in retirement and how you would like to spend your time. With family, part time work, travel, charity etc. The result will be you will feel more in control, with less fear and anxiety. Get certain about how much you need to aim for so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Five New Idea to have Financial Certainty in Retirement

So the next time you are awake at 3 am feeling anxious or nervous or anything less that certain when it comes your financial situation, send me an email to admin@theupdated .com with “Certainty” in the subject. We will send you back the report I have just written, “Five New Ideas to Create Financial Certainty for your Retirement”.


Dave Haseldine

Managing Partner


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