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Get financial certainty and never look back!

At The Updated Investor we are always looking for for ways of helping you with Financial Certainty.  With this in mind, we're providing your personal Wealth Portal which will help create, grow and protect your personal estate.

It is a totally secure platform where you can EASILY monitor YOUR PERSONAL ESTATE.

Access your wealth portal through your desktop or mobile device, so you're always in control of your finances. Simply download the "myprosperity" app from Google Play or Apple Store for access to your entire financial world, wherever you are.

Get financial certainty and take control with these amazing features

Everything in one place: All your assets and liabilities are conveniently in one place so you can see everything you need at once. Link all your accounts and more.

Wealth check snapshots: Track your wealth with monthly snapshots & summaries of all you own and owe. See your future wealth projections, review your financial priorities & receive a personalised action plan.

All the latest data: Updates from Australia’s leading data providers ensure your information is always up to date.

Budgeting is a breeze: Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Take control with instant budgets created around your spending and set limits on categories.

Transactions: Auto-categorised to easily see where you are spending your money. Tag and filter to personalise, manage & reflect your life. Automatically set reports to monitor spending.

Property and Vehicle Information: Live data feeds and free valuations track the performance of your property and vehicles.

Download the "Getting Started" guide.

Make the decision today to get some financial certainty in your life!

There is absolutely no obligation. Life is way too short to spend time worrying if you're going to be able to retire someday.  We've found over the years that once clients make the decision to take control over their personal estate, life is a lot more stress free.  Opportunities to get ahead are virtually unlimited and it's amazing how much more clearly you can see them if you are not thinking about how you are going to pay off the credit card.

A word on security

Bank Level Security: You can be confident that all your information is safe.  MyProsperity use the same 256-bit encryption and physical security that banks use to protect private information.

Trusted by over 60 million worldwide: We have partnered with MyProsperity who uses Yodlee - the same technology chosen by 600 leading banks, financial institutions and companies around the globe - to provide a robust, secure and customer-centric platform.

No one can touch your money: This is a "read-only" service, your money is untouchable - by you or anyone else!  The purpose is to organise and analyse your finances, not to pay bills or transfer money.  There is no functionality to allow you to move funds in or out of any accounts so your cash is safe

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